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  • How to Prepare for Amazon Prime Day

    How to Prepare for Amazon Prime Day

    Let’s be real, you’ve probably already heard of Amazon Prime Day and maybe even grabbed some discounts yourself in the past, but are you sure you are getting the best deals? Prime Day is undoubtedly one of the biggest sales events of the year when it comes to online shopping, but it can be even better with some tips and tricks up your sleeve to make the most of it! So sit back, relax and allow us to be your guide to everything you need to prepare for Amazon Prime Day 2023.

    What is Amazon Prime Day?

    Simply put, it is Amazon’s huge annual two-day shopping event where tons of top-selling products are put under the spotlight for the lowest prices of the year. First hero in 2015, it is the time of year that Prime holders can get major discounts on tech like laptops, headphones, keyboards, and gaming accessories. Big-name brands like Lancôme, Sony, Victoria’s Secret, Bose, and so many more are also available. Get ready for jaw-dropping Black Friday prices on kitchen appliances, robot vacuums, home goods, decor, furniture, beauty products, games, toys, and more. The deals are seemingly endless!

    Which countries have Amazon Prime Day?

    Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, the Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, the UK, the US all participate. Poland and Sweden joined the July event for the first time in 2022. India, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Egypt have also all had their first Prime Day celebrations.

    When is Amazon Prime Day 2023?

    According to Amazon, Prime Day will occur October 10th-11th. And just like in previous events, it will be a 48-hour shopping extravaganza. However, this event has a snazzy new title. Amazon Prime Big Deal Days , same great discounts with a slightly different name!

    Is Amazon Prime Day just for Prime members?

    Yes, Amazon Prime Day deals are only available to active Prime membership holders. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the deals. Don’t want to sign up long term? Not a problem! Simply take it on a trial run, conveniently timed for the days the deals hit. Sign up with a new email for a  free 30-day Amazon Prime trial  membership and gain access to those Prime Day deals right on time. And when you are ready, just cancel it before the 30 days are up. Or keep it for that super fast free two-day shipping, Prime Video streaming, Amazon Music, Prime Gaming, Amazon Fresh, GrubHub membership and more, depending on your location. See for yourself what a  Prime Membership will get you  and decide how long you want to stay a member after Prime Day ends. After all, there is a reason over 200 million people in over 25 countries have it!

    Is Prime Day worth it?

    Definitely! Prime Day is absolutely worth it because it offers amazing deals on thousands upon thousands of products. For certain, Prime Day is ideal for getting Amazon products at the best price. Items like Ring, Alexa, Kindle and more are offered at the cheapest price during the event. So if you’ve had your eye on any of those products, for sure, this is the time to get them.


    5 Tips to get the best deals on Amazon Prime Day 2023

    Although extremely beneficial, Amazon Prime Day can also be wildly confusing. With endless pages and countless discounts, how can you be sure you are getting that bang for your buck? Skip the scrolling and follow these simple steps to a stress-free Prime Day shopping session.

    1. Sign up for Amazon Prime ahead of time

    Want to give it a shot? As we mentioned before,  sign up for Prime  with a free 30-day trial ahead of the big day to be ready for the deals. Remember, you can cancel anytime after getting your share of the event if you want.

    2. Keep track of Amazon prices

    Be aware of Amazon changes pricing according to stock. So don’t be alarmed if that item you see in the morning is cheaper or more expensive in the afternoon. It could be smart to keep an eye on it and use your instinct when adding to your cart. The Amazon Lightening Deals are short-lived and only limited amounts are available of the products showcased so stay alert. See an unbelievable price? Go for it because it may be gone soon. Use free  tracking tools like this one  to keep up with those fluctuations and make your decisions wisely!

    3. Set a personalized price alert

    Amazon drops new deals every 30 minutes during the Prime Day event. Best way to stay ahead? Set a deal alert for the items you have your eye on. Here’s how:

    1. Open your Amazon Shopping app and tap the Home icon at the bottom of your screen.
    2. Tap “Create deal alerts” underneath the banner or search for “deal alerts” in the search bar and tap “Deal alerts” there.
    3. Your deal alerts should then appear, followed by your lists of items with the option to “create alert” next to them.
    4. Click “Create alert” and start your watchlist.
    5. Await your alert and get those deals!

    4. Use an Amazon Gift Card

    Make sure you get your money’s worth and consider using an  Amazon Gift Card  during Prime Day. Get it now with your preferred payment method and you could even save extra during the event. Have  Dundle Coins  to trade in? Get a card even cheaper or possibly free, and save even more on those deals to come. Don’t hassle with banking info or card details. Save time by having your gift card already added as your payment method on Amazon, and shop carefree!

    5. Enjoy invite-only Prime Day deals

    This year things look a little different with the introduction of  Invite-Only Prime Day  deals. What are they? They are items offered at a discount but only available upon invitation and are expected to sell out fast. Want to get in on the action? Browse the  Prime Day Deals page  and select an invite-only item. Click the yellow “Request Invite” button to hopefully be added to the list for the exclusive sales. When you get the invite, act fast because you only have a limited time to grab the item at that offer, as seen by the countdown timer on the item page. Way to keep things exciting, Amazon!

    Be prepared and shop Amazon Prime Day like a pro

    Usually, Prime Day is an annual event, but again, this year Amazon surprises us with a second one in the fall. Fun right, who doesn’t love another opportunity for bigger savings? Amazon Prime Big Deal Days are also the perfect kickstart to that holiday shopping! We are always diligently on the lookout for any news related to Prime Days and update our guide with all the recent and relevant information to make your Amazon Prime Day experience as smooth as possible. So bookmark this guide, save the link, email it to yourself, write it on a sticky note and post it to your screen – whatever you need to do and we will be back with more tips in time for the next Prime Day! See you then… now, go get those savings!