Step up your storywriting game.
Bring your stories to life.

Learn from hand-crafted lessons designed to help you master the art of storywriting, develop a sustainable writing process, and discover new ways to take your writings to the next level.

Any of these sound familiar to you?

  • You have the general idea of your upcoming story, but you don’t know where to start, or how to give your story the ending it deserves.

  • You get stuck in the middle of your story because you don’t know what else is there to write.

  • You’ve always had a hard time overcoming "writer’s block".

  • You're obsessed with planning but you never actually write your story.

  • You’re constantly worried that you're not doing what you're supposed to do in order to push your story forward.

  • You’re too afraid of making mistakes and being inconsistent, and this keeps you from making progress on your story.

  • You’ve done a lot of research for your story but you just don’t know what to do with it.

  • You find it hard to write a piece that is just more than a one-shot.

On learning consciously

When it comes to writing a story, techniques you can learn subconsciously are endless, which I think is why aspiring authors are told so much to read, read, read. We learn to write subconsciously by reading other people's stories. Some writers may only ever learn to write on a subconscious level. They don't believe writing can be taught because they aren't conscious of what they are doing.

We will always grow faster and become better writers if we can learn on a conscious level. When we understand writing and stories on a conscious level, we have control over them. We know how to write this way to get that effect, we know how to switch-up this plotting technique to get that effect. We know how to pull from a character's background and beliefs to create a compelling character voice. The list goes on.

— September C. Fawkes

When it comes to working on a story, knowing what to do is only half the battle.

That's why I created Supercharge Your Worldbuilding.

Because, truly, the rest of the battle is:

  • Knowing how to execute it,

  • Establishing a system to make sure you know where everything lives in the story, and

  • Building the discipline to create consistent writing habits.

Supercharge Your Worldbuilding helps you tackle all 3 of these points - you can easily identify the lessons relevant for the writing situation you're facing, structure your thinking by using simple exercise, and implement it to your work-in-progress.

So if you're ready to find new ways you can grow as a writer, join me in Supercharge Your Worldbuilding.

Discover various approaches to fully harness your story's strengths and strengthen its weaknesses, so that you can tap into the reader's deep emotions and give your readers accurate story experience of what you've always intended.

Storywriting fundamentals

Build better understanding in the crafts and tools of fiction writing, so that you’ll have a solid foundation to pour your ideas and inspiration into

Worldbuilding and storytelling

Develop fresh perspectives on how storytelling concepts and worldbuilding elements function in a story, and how they can be leveraged in execution

Supercharge your writing systems

Improve your planning systems, research process, and ideas management, and ensure you have sustainable writing process

This course is actually what I expected and more. I see Supercharge as a reliable little handbook (only better, because what handbook updates itself biweekly?). Some of the materials work for me and some don't, so they become more of an exposure to new ideas instead of something I can implement at the moment. Supercharge is most helpful for when I come across problems or blocks in the middle of my writing process. Other than that I also like the material updates (and that we can vote for which to be posted first), the question box, and the writing sprint.



What's Included In
Supercharge Your Worldbuilding

Private Community

A supportive online community where you can get your questions answered, share your learnings, get feedback on your assignments, request new lessons, and connect with other like-minded writers.

  • Learning channels where you can get any of your questions answered, ask a discussion question, and explore interesting ways to solve unique challenges in your story.

  • Friendly conversation channels that encourage fellow learners to celebrate progress and share growth pains.

  • Showcase opportunities where members can get exposure for their new story

  • Private 1:1 messaging between community members

Lessons Vault

Our course has been designed as an experiential journey. You can go through the lessons at your own pace, with the help of individual reflection and practice with real-world scenarios, and optional opportunities to receive support and feedback.

  • Access to ever-growing lessons library with topics around writing process and storytelling such as character design, story structure, worldbuilding, and reader’s experience which you can learn and undertake at your own pace.

  • Most lessons include a guided exercise to help you summarize the concepts, structure your thinking, and help you apply what you learn to your own story.

  • BONUS: immediate access to our resource library of social media!AU frameworks, screenshot templates, examples, and use cases from a variety of genres and formats

Monthly Live Events

We have a wide range of live events for different skill levels and interests. Catch the replays of our trainings here, or keep an eye on our events calendar to join us for upcoming live sessions.

» Bimonthly Office Hours

Office Hours are casual, friendly, and collaborative. You can use Office Hours to brainstorm and troubleshoot challenges or ask for feedback on your specific situation.

» Weekly Co-working Hour

Our weekly co-working session is a facilitated co-work. If you find it helpful to have a bit of accountability when you're trying to get things done, these sessions are for you.

» Bonus Workshops

Our workshops are not your usual webinars — these sessions are interactive, guided, and intended to be more outcome oriented. Less exploration, more action!

This isn't your typical self-paced course.

» Bring your own story

Ideally, you'll bring a story idea you want to write or the story that you're currently working on so you can directly apply what you learn right from the start.

» Chip into the exercises

Guided exercises will prompt you to get “doing”, and create tangible assets that you can use to write your story. They'll also help you internalize your learnings to make them stick.

» Join the conversation

The most beneficial experience will occur when you not only access the course content, but also leverages our monthly group calls and become an active member of our online community.

» Peer feedbacks

When you see your fellow learners' work, you can see how they’ve solved the same exercise, and you can help them improve, and vice versa. This is one of the most effective ways to improve.

Thank you would never be enough for all the things you created for this course, teh. Aku suka sama materinya yang beneran di-reshape biar enak dibaca sambil rebahan atau mau bobo. Beberapa pertanyaan aku soal tulis-menulis juga kejawab di course ini. Aku juga mulai belajar menulis "consciously", sampai akhirnya aku bisa mengurai masalah dalam menulis jadi sesuatu yang lebih sederhana dan bisa aku jawab dengan, "Sip, kita coba dulu, ya, kalau gini—". Perubahan yang aku lakuin cuma eksperimen kecil tapi bermakna besar di endingnya. Makasih banyak, teh C! ❤️



What will you learn?

The course is comprehensive, and may feel intimidating at first. There are foundational lessons alongside a growing resource library to address more writing challenges (as requested by you!). There are many different use cases covered, so not all content will be relevant to your needs. Take what you need, and leave the rest!


Making Things Visible

Making Things Visible is one of the most fundamental things we can do as a writer to exhibit the minimum criteria that would turn our ideas into a story. If you write from an idea that is not yet a concept, your drafts will suffer for it until you do.

01 Idea vs. Concept vs. Premise

02 Turning Your Ideas Into Concept

03 Defining Story Themes

04 Your Research Process

05 Ideas Management 101


Character Design

Character is the catalyst that empowers everything else in your story. Only by fusing a deep, foundational understanding of character will put yourself in a position to make your story idea a living, breathing story.

01 The Three Dimensions of a Character

02 Seven Aspects of Character Building

03 The Parmesan Technique

04 Crafting Character Development

05 Building Character Dynamics

06 The Character-driven Plot Wheel

07 Writing Character Voices

08 BONUS: Writing a Good Romance


Worldbuilding 101

Worldbuilding is so much more than setting. It can help to create mood and atmosphere, build character, and evoke a powerful sense of place and time.

01 Three Keys to Solid Worldbuilding

02 Navigating the World in a Story

03 Expanding the Universe


Story Architecture

You can be the best writer of sentences on the planet, but if you don't understand story and the structure that makes it work, you'll have to settle for love letters and poetry.

01 Framework: Building Blocks of a Story

02 The Art of Invisible Movements

03 Engineering Arcs and Scenes

04 Opening Sequences

05 Manifesting on Endings

06 Key Events

07 Crafting Convergences

08 Creating Milestone Moments

09 California Scenes

10 Toolkit: The Scene Prioritization Matrix

11 Toolkit: Unsticking Your Stuck Story


Scene Execution

If your story is a wall, scenes are the bricks. Writing scenes is playing the game of storytelling, and if the scenes aren't effective, no matter how pretty your words, the story will tank.

01 Pacing: Speeding up vs. Slowing down

02 Configuring Transitions

03 Writing Compelling Dialogues

04 Characterization in Scenes

05 Building a sense of time and place


Screenshot Delivery

Packaging + delivering your stories through social media format.

01 Special Block: The Screenshot Layer

02 First Principles of a Social Media!AU

03 Toolkit: Choosing the Right Type of Screenshot

04 Conversation Engineering

05 The Magic of Point of Views

06 BONUS: Interactive Storytelling

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  • Yearlong access to community with office hours, co-working, and hot seats

  • Access to our future bonus workshops & bootcamps

I believe you put a lot of efforts and times to make this comprehensive course for everyone who is willing to learn more about writing. And you really gave me new perspective on how to write a story, not only just following what's written on a book (ideally).



Somehow it felt way more easier for me to write especially when im stuck. Because whenever that happens I always comeback here to reread all the materials that you've put for us and it works like magic (for me) because I immediately know what I'm supposed to do to overcome it.



Who is this course for?

This course might be a good fit for you, if...

  • You’re thinking of writing a brand new story and you want to commit to finishing it.

  • You’re looking for a way to get back on track with your currently ongoing abandoned story.

  • You’re looking for long-term shifts in your systems and writing process, not quick fixes.

  • You recognize that despite all the demonstrations shown inside the course, you will still need to put in the work to customize the system to your own needs.

  • You’re willing to be patient with yourself as you learn both a mindset shift, and a new way of being.

This course might not be a good fit for you, if...

  • You’re looking for help or useful tips to work with 'beautifying' your words, writing style, sentence structures, dictions, vocabularies, and EYD - this just isn't the course for it.

  • You’re feeling rushed or panicked, and don’t have time to invest in developing a process that works for you.

  • You’re looking for a quick fix for years of not writing and lack of good systems.

  • You expect/require your story to be perfect as soon as you finish the course and aren’t interested in the work of building, assessing, and reviewing your work.

I just wanna say...thank you! For sharing a piece of your galaxy mind to us. I really enjoy your course dan sering aku buka buat dibaca ulang kalau lagi stuck.



There is no right or wrong way to write your story, but there is always a better way.

Whether you've just begun to write, or you're already an advanced writer who wants to improve - I want to help you. Let me show you how to supercharge your worldbuilding, and your writing process will never be as bulletproof and productive.

Don't just take it from me...

I run occasional workshops on the internet - here's what my participants are saying!

Hey, this is C!

You might know me from Twitter as @dulcetines.

For the last year I’ve been sharing my workflow with my readers, answering questions related to writing, and helping them fight writer's block. And as part of this, I’ve seen the most common challenges, hiccups, and missing pieces that most aspiring online writers struggle with when it comes to writing a story. The most frequently asked question I receive is "how do you make it look so easy to do all of this hard work?"

And that's when I realized I've already got my own system.

The real reason I’ve found a system-oriented approach to be more helpful is that I love writing. I love it and i want to continue loving it. Writing a story doesn’t have to add stress and a sense of failure into your life. None of us need that. It is not worth it to burn out over something that’s supposed to be fun, and I really want to show you how.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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We accept internet banking and virtual account, debit and credit cards, and various e-wallets automatically & securely processed by Mayar. Full payment instructions is provided at the checkout page.

» Course-nya dalam bahasa apa?

The course will be delivered mainly in Bahasa Indonesia.

» Notion itu apa?

Notion is an incredibly adaptable piece of software that allows you to build custom workspaces, databases, personal journals, and more without any code. You’ll need a free personal Notion account to access the course (sign up here). You can also opt not to install the desktop app if that's what you prefer. An email and a web browser is all you need!

» Gimana cara akses course-nya?

After a successful payment, you will receive a welcome email with a link to join the Supercharge your Worldbuilding Notion workspace where you will have access to all of the course lessons, resources, and program, all delivered entirely through Notion.

» Butuh berapa lama untuk ngelarin course-nya?

It depends! There is such a diverse group of people in Supercharge Your Worldbuilding, and there’s a wide range of experience with regards to writing and storybuilding. Some people “click” with the lessons right away, while others take more time.

» Konten course ini bisa diaplikasikan ke fanfiction dan/atau social media!AU, nggak?

Absolutely. I write in the fanfiction realm myself, so I can vouch that this course is 100% applicable to both fanfictions and social media!AUs.

» Aku nulis fanfic, tapi di fandom X/Y/Z atau pairing X/Y/Z. Aku masih tetep bisa ngikutin materinya, nggak?

Yes, of course! We’ve got a lot of participants from across so many different writing backgrounds & platforms, so fandoms/pairings are definitely not a barrier here. A lot of exercises ARE generated & modeled based on my past works, but that’s just framework for you to work with, as a starting point.

» Konten course-nya dalam format apa?

The content is a mix of text, images, flowcharts, video screen-sharing, and templates. But mostly text. This gives a range of options for different learning preferences. There are also recordings of all video calls, which are also tagged in case you want to dive in to a specific category of discussion.

» Course-nya bisa diakses sampe kapan?

You’ll have lifetime access to the course material and future updates. If you purchase the Office Hours or VIP packages, you’ll have 12 months access to the live calls, but you can always renew anytime you want.

» Worth it nggak, sih, bayar dengan harga segitu?

The cost of this course represents a few cups of coffee. I’ve done all the heavy-lifting for you and spent hundreds of hours building step-by-step walkthroughs so you don’t have to.

There is no shortage of books and courses out there about writing stories, but in my experience, the vast majority contain mere general advice, and aren't structured in a way which allows you to 'follow along' in a linear fashion. You can save hundreds of hours of searching and organizing such a library of writing lessons + advices.

» Kalo aku enroll di Self-study terus di tengah jalan pengen upgrade ke Office Hours atau VIP, bisa nggak?

Definitely. You'll find a link to upgrade to another tier(s) inside the course, which will automatically change your participant status.

» Kalo ternyata aku nggak suka isi coursenya, aku boleh refund, nggak?

This course is a digital educational product that gives you access to all of my knowledge, private resources, and basically 10 years of writing experience as soon as you get access, and as such is non-refundable. Please make your decision with confidence.

» Aku boleh tanya-tanya lagi, nggak?

Sure. Always happy to help. Inbox me on Twitter/Curiouscat or you can send me an email at Looking forward to hearing from you!

You did it!

I’m so excited to help you level up your storywriting process!

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See you inside the course!

c ♕

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